Are You πŸ€” Making These πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‡ Mistakes 😬 with Your Sunscreen β˜€οΈ?


There are so many sunscreen mistakes to avoid. It’s something that we all use when the sun finally comes out to play, but how many of us are actually using it correctly? Something that seems so simple doesn’t feel like it could be misused too badly, but the truth is that lots of people out there make a lot of classic mistakes when it comes to their sunscreen game, mistakes that can have a negative impact on their health! Here are the twelve most common sunscreen mistakes to avoid.

1. Applying outside

Don’t wait until you get to the beach to apply the sunscreen. Put it on before you leave the house and then you will also be protected on your journey! This is one of the biggest sunscreen mistakes to avoid.

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