4. Before You Treat Each Area Specifically...

There are two overall things you must do for clear skin. One is exfoliate, and the other is use an antibacterial product to kills germs and bacteria.

For exfoliation, you can use any product that works for your skin type. Exfoliators come with a variety of different uses. Some have lemon for skin brightening and the reduction of scars. Some have ginseng and vitamin C for healthy, plump skin.

Others have aloe for sensitive skin. And they have products designed specifically for acne treatments, as well.

For antibacterial purposes, you'll want something with benzoyl peroxide. It ranges in percentages from 5-10 based on severity of your skin condition. Begin with 5% simply for the purpose of seeing how you react to it. Clindomycin is another antibacterial ingredient, but you need to get a prescription for this one. You should ask your dermatologist for it to really rid your skin of anything going on underneath the surface that you might not even see.

Now for the Specifics
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