7 Steps to Beautiful Hands Overnight ...


People notice your hands more than you think. They are the way you connect with loved ones through touch. They are also the workhorses of the body. This means they get rough treatment. In return they really do need and deserve some serious care. You might also want beautiful hands to show off your super manicure or eye-catching nail art. Treat yourself to a regular overnight treatment for beautiful hands you deserve.

1. Wash Hands Thoroughly with Warm Water

Most beauty experts advising you on how to get beautiful hands will warn you to stay away from warm or hot water because it robs the skin of moisture. However, you want any dead skin to become loose and easily removable. Wash your hands in warm water or better yet, choose to begin your hand care routine after you you’re your evening shower or bath, when your hands will be moist anyway.

Exfoliate Your Hands
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