7 Sneaky Reasons ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Your Acne is Acting up ๐Ÿ˜– ...


Thereโ€™s really nothing worse than having a breakout, right? You probably know that eating a lot of junk food and not washing your skin on a regular basis can lead to acne, but there are some other sneaky reasons your acne is acting up. Once you know whatโ€™s leading to your breakouts, you can take steps to make sure that they go away and never come back. Wondering what could be causing your zits? It could be one of these things.

1. Youโ€™re Using the Wrong Sunscreen

You might think that sunscreen is sunscreen, but thatโ€™s simply not the case. Traditional sunscreen is designed for your body, not your face. That means you shouldnโ€™t be using the same product that you use on your arms and legs on your face or you run the risk of a breakout. Instead, look for a product designed for the thinner, more delicate skin on your face. Then wear it every day to ward of wrinkles and sunburn.

Blame Your Conditioner
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