Skincare Tips You Should Know from These Beautiful Royals ...

Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette,Elizabeth and more: these great women left their marks all throughout history. They are known for their glorious appearance during their reign. Each was an icon, each contributed a change and a bit of a rumble in history. But apart from making these changes, they are also known for their beauty, of the secrets they held to look dashing and glamorous as they ruled their kingdoms. These ways are still being practiced up to know in present. And for some memory check, here are some of their beauty and skincare rituals.

1. Cleopatra

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She bathed in oils and perfumed the sails of her ship towards Rome. That's what Cleopatra is known for. But if there's one thing that you should know about this exotic Egyptian queen is that she also performed the gold facial. Apart from using this item as an accessory, gold is also helpful when you apply it in your skin. It is proven to be an antibacterial ingredient to rid out the impurities in your skin. This kind of facial is being practiced up to now in elite spas.

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