7 Skincare Tips for Summer ...


Summer is here again and you can finally put on a pretty sundress or shorts and a pair of thongs and enjoy the sunshine! But while youโ€™re having fun, donโ€™t forget to look after your skin by following my Skincare Tips for Summer. Looking after our skin in one of the best things we can do in order to maintain a healthy, radiant glow throughout this summer and for the years to come, so here are my 7 Skincare Tips for Summer:

1. Sun, Sun, Sunscreen

The first of the skincare tips for summer is simple: wear sunscreen! Protect your skin from the sunโ€™s harmful UV rays, which are most dangerous during summer, when you are out and about enjoying the sunshine. Donโ€™t stop going out into the sun completely โ€“ summer is fun! Just apply an SPF 30 + sunscreen when you are outside.

Exfoliation is Great
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