The Ultimate πŸ‘πŸΌ Skincare Guide for Beginners to Learn Beauty Maintenance πŸ‘„ ...

The sooner you start to look after your skin, the healthier it will be. It’s difficult while you’re a teenager because puberty plays havoc with your hormones and you might suffer from acne, regular breakouts and even changes in skin type. For example you may have an oily t-zone that changes as you get older. Whatever skin issues you’re dealing with there are some basic tips to help you make the most of a skincare routine.

1. Figure out Your Skin Type

First rule for a skincare guide for newbies is to figure out what kind of skin type you have. There are numerous different types including oily skin, dry skin or a combination in patches of the two together. Determining what kind of skin you have will be essential later on for picking and purchasing products that will be beneficial to you.