7 Skin Conditions You Can Pick up at the Gym ...


You know it’s proper etiquette to wipe the machines after you use them, but doing so before will help prevent icky skin conditions you can pick up at the gym. Likewise, you should wear flip flops when you walk around to keep your feet clean and sanitary. There are so many gross skin conditions you can pick up at the gym! However, with proper hygiene, you can ward them off. That means showering before leaving and washing your hands well each time you finish with the equipment, in addition to the other items on this list. Here are some of the things you’ll be keeping at bay.

1. Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is one of the skin conditions you can pick up at the gym. And it’s probably one of the least comfortable and most painful ones too. You can get this from strutting around the gym barefoot. Never, ever take your shoes off for yoga, showering or while you stand there changing your clothes. This provides a barrier between your foot and the floor and is an ultra easy way to protect your feet.

Fungal Infections
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