7 Signs You Need to See a Dermatologist ...

There are signs you need to see a dermatologist, some of which are very serious. A lot of us tend to think of a dermatologist as a doctor that is optional and we only see one for cosmetic reasons. That can be true but there are also very important reasons that you should see a dermatologist. If you have any of these signs you need to see a dermatologist, make an appointment ASAP.

1. A Funky Mole

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If you have an odd looking or funky mole, that is one of the huge signs you need to see a dermatologist. Some strange moles can be an indicator of skin cancer. There are a lot of different signs that you need to have a mole checked out. Some of those signs are a mole that is very dark or different colors, has irregular borders or is changing. That is certainly not an inclusive list, though.

2. Acne Not Responding to Treatment

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If you are dealing with acne that is not responding to treatment, you need to see a dermatologist. A lot of acne can be treated with products you buy over the counter but there is some that goes beyond that scope. Some acne needs specialized treatment, including prescription care. There is no reason to deal with acne. Get in with a dermatologist and get some help with it.

3. Something is Making You Worry

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If there is something that is making you worry about your skin, it is best to have your dermatologist check it out. There is a good chance that you are worrying for nothing. If that is the case, then seeing the dermatologist will greatly relieve your mind. If it does turn out to be something concerning, it is better to find out now versus later. Sometimes our intuition proves correct.

4. Scalp Issues

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Scalp issues are no fun to deal with. This is another area where you can only do so much without seeing a doctor for it. If you have flakiness, itchiness or other scalp problems that are not doing well with over the counter products, get in with your dermatologist. They can help you with this. They can design a specific plan to help heal your scalp issues.

5. A Rash

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There are so many different kinds of rashes that a person can get. They can be from many different reasons, too. It could be that you have some kind of illness or are having an allergic reaction. Many times your family doctor can help you through this. But there are times that they will refer you on to a dermatologist for help and advice.

6. Your Skin Makes You Self-conscious

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If you feel self-conscious about your skin, get in with a dermatologist. There are so many different treatments that a dermatologist can give you access to. Your issue could be one of these mentioned or one that is not mentioned here. Whatever it is, it is not worth allowing it to bother you or make you feel bad. Most likely there is a good treatment plan out there to help you.

7. You Never Have

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If you have never seen a dermatologist, you are way past time to do so. Experts actually recommend that you see a dermatologist once a year for a yearly skin check. Most of us do not do that but we should. If you haven’t started that healthy habit, it is time to do so. Seeing a dermatologist yearly helps them to catch any problems early on.

Seeing a dermatologist is of utmost importance in all of these cases. What are some reasons you have seen a dermatologist? Feel free to share your story.

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