Shaving Hacks 🛀🏼 for Girls Who Want to do It but Are Too Lazy 😴 ...


Shaving is one of those necessities that's annoying to keep up on and takes time--for lazy girls, it's the worst! To make the most of your shave and reduce any more irritating (literally) aspects, knowing a few shaving hacks might make it more bearable! Keep reading on tips for a smooth and easy shave that will be totally worth it!

1. Exfoliate before You Shave 💎

Before you even reach for the razor, use a body scrub to exfoliate your legs! It will scuff off any dead skin that clogs pores, causes razor burn and bumps, and dulls your razor blade. Your shave will be much smoother and closer if you exfoliate before! Remember not to exfoliate right after you shave though...ouch!

Frequently Change Your Razor Blades 🔪
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