Celebrate Autumn with Some Fragrant Fall Scented Lotions ...

One of my favorite aspects of fall is trying out new scented lotions inspired by the cool season. I love browsing the shelves at my local pharmacy and beauty shop for these lotions that make my skin smell utterly divine. Now that we're jumping right into the school season, there's no better excuse to go shopping for skincare products that actually work. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to say goodbye to dry and flaky skin with these amazing scented lotions!

1. The Righteous Butter Body Lotion

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Scented lotions that contain shea butter and almond oil are a great place to start! Soap & Glory's "The Righteous Butter" body lotion has the perfect blend of bergamot, peach, vanilla and sandalwood, which just so happen to be my favorite notes! The aloe vera really helps soothe cracked skin and seals in moisture. You can head over to Sephora to grab a bottle of this fabulous product (which incidentally, also received a beauty award from Elle Magazine.)

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