7 Scary Stats about Skin Cancer That You Should Know ...


There are unlimited numbers of stats about skin cancer, but some of them are much more sobering than others. One of the best tools you have against skin cancer is knowledge. Once you understand the condition, what causes it and how to prevent it, you have all the power. That being said, stats about skin cancer are a great way to learn more about the issue and build your knowledge base so you’re ready for anything.

1. New Cases

I think you’re going to be surprised when you read this, but it’s definitely one of the most fearful stats about skin cancer. According to Dr. Kevin Berman, there are one million new cases of skin cancer diagnosed each and every year. That’s a staggering number, don’t you think? Whether you get the notice that you have skin cancer or it’s someone close to you, one million people this year are going to see their doctor and find out they have cancer.

Deadly Melanoma
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