7 Really Important Skincare Tips for a New Tattoo ...


Chances are that before you left the tattoo parlor, the artist gave you some skincare tips for a new tattoo. In the excitement, maybe you forgot them or want to be sure you are doing the right things for your new ink. Hey, it’s not always easy to remember everything, right? So, here I am to give you all the most important skincare tips for a new tattoo so you can take great care of your art and keep it looking perfect your entire lifetime.

1. Listen to Your Tattoo Artist

One of the best skincare tips for a new tattoo is to listen to what your tattoo artist says and disregard what anyone else tells you, even if they have tons of tattoos. You can ask for the aftercare tips in writing or take notes as he tells you what to do. I know that when I got inked I wasn’t really thinking about anything beyond showing everyone my new tattoo, so written instructions will come in handy.

Clean It
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