7 Struggles Only Sensitive Skinned Girls Will Understand ...


Sensitive skin is a bummer. It can really put a damper on certain areas of your life. If you’re a girl with sensitive skin then you know the struggle is real here! These are 7 struggles only ladies with sensitive skin will understand.

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You Can’t Try New, Interesting Skincare or Makeup without It Being a Gamble

When you’ve got sensitive skin, trying any new, interesting looking skincare or makeup is a gamble. You want to enjoy the small pleasure of trying new products but you know it could end badly. So you’re stuck with the same products you’ve been using forever. The only other alternative is to venture out and risk major issues. Will your money be wasted? Will your skin give you issues?


You Break out at the Drop of a Hat

Breakouts are a common part of your life as a girl with sensitive skin. The bad thing is you may not even know why. It may just be one product you applied differently that set you off. Who knows? It’s not a fun place for a girl to find herself!


Your Body Wash and Lotion Can’t Ever Be Fun

Bath and Body Works is out if you struggle with sensitive skin. That goes for all the other lovely fragrance shower gels and body lotions, too. My daughter and a dear friend of mine both suffer from sensitive skin and know they must stick to what works. While everyone differs, they’ve both had good luck with Dove bar soap and body wash for sensitive skin.


You Can’t Get by with OTC Acne Medication

Over-the-counter acne medication doesn’t cut it for you if you’ve got sensitive skin. You’ve likely seen a dermatologist to get your skin issues under control. In fact, you’ve probably got their number in your contacts. While this can be stressful, try to focus on the fact that you have a doctor to help you deal. A good dermatologist can make a big difference in your life.


Wearing New, Unwashed Clothing is Truly Living on the Edge… of Terror

This risky situation can actually end with you in the ER. Wearing new, unwashed clothing is a huge risk. My daughter wore a new dress without it being washed first about a year ago and spent her night in the ER getting injections to chill out her skin. It didn’t make a fun weekend for her. We learned our lesson and always wash her clothing first now with detergent that’s safe for sensitive skin.


Having Your Eyebrows Done Cancels Your Evening Plans

No one loves having their eyebrows done, but no one hates it more than a girl with sensitive skin. Having your brows done results in extreme redness, irritation and even an acne breakout. It’s not a fun situation for sensitive skin sufferers. You probably only do this when you can go straight home and not encounter other humans for a minimum of at least 12 hours. There’s no going out with the girls after this one.


People Commonly Ask if You’ve Got a Rash when You’ve Only Rubbed Your Skin

A condition sensitive skin sufferers commonly have is Dermatographic Hives, which simply means your skin can hive up or rash just from rubbing it. A simple scratch on your neck leaves a welt behind. This usually isn’t too painful or irritating and can fade quickly, but it’s annoying. People don’t always believe you when you say it’s just where you’ve rubbed your skin. And you get tired of seeing the trails of red streaks, too.

These are some of the real struggles of having sensitive skin. How many of these do you face? What’s your biggest frustration with having sensitive skin?

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so relatable

I have to buy expensive body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and body wash because the ones in the supermarket just don't cut it. Getting an eyebrow or lip wax results in redness every time but it does eventually go down. I even have hydrocortisone cream on a script because I get itchy spots too.

You just said it all my skin just breaks out like no mans business, no one understands the issues I go through

Certain parts of my body are sensitive. I use Veet on my legs, but I can shave my armpits with a razor. The best "break out free" body wash I've EVER used is Body Shop's Tea Tree body wash. Clears up existing breakouts and prevents!

This is sooo true! :) And in addition, sensitive skin maintenance is a bit expensive.

Number 1 is my real problem -.-'

I have sensitive skin, so when I'm at school and I itch my eyebrow or something it gets dark red and takes a while to fade..

Don't forget the trouble of searching for a new product when they stop making the one u already use, or the fact that the majority of fragranced products r a big no no.

Oh..this is soo me

Story of my life!!!

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