Quick Beauty Fix: 7 Fantastic Facial Oils You've Got to Try ASAP ...

When you mention “facial oil,” people instantly think they’re going to break-out or their pores will clog from the oils. On the contrary, facial oils (which have been around for some time in the beauty world), are now making a come-back due to their lightweight, moisturizing, free-radical protection. They're also less irritating than some moisturizers out there, and they claim to instantly hydrate the skin as they can penetrate deeper than regular moisturizers. Because oils are lipophilic, or fat loving, they pass though the lipid layer of the skin faster, preventing water loss and plumping skin with moisture more effectively. Make sure that one of these facial oils forms a part of your daily skincare regimen – no matter what your skin complaint.

1. For Smoother Skin Try Kiehl’s Famous Midnight Recovery Concentrate

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I recently stepped into a Kiehl’s boutique, and was given a sample of their Midnight Recovery Concentrate. After one use, I loved this product so much, that I returned to purchase it. This oil gets rave customer reviews because it is made with distilled botanical oils (lavender, evening primrose, jojoba, etc.) that restore your skin come morning time. Its lightweight treatment effectively restores skin’s healthy appearance overnight, leaving your complexion smoother and more radiant by morning. I’ve always been a proponent of applying skincare products at night (when your body’s in repair mode and your circadian rhythms are at their peak) and Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate works to penetrate your deepest epidermal layers at nighttime. Priced at $46 for 30 ml from Kiehl’s boutiques and department stores. kiehls.com

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