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There are many pros and cons of taking a hot shower, which you should know before you hop in to suds up. You might wonder what could possibly be wrong with a shower, but there are some reasons why turning up the heat can be bad for your skin. On the other hand, sometimes there are perks to doing just that. Even if you haven’t spent that much time thinking about your shower, you should start today. Here are some pros and cons of taking a hot shower. Use them well.

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Pro: Massage

A hot shower is great because it gives you a mini massage when you stand under the spray. Massage is great for your skin because it boosts blood circulation, which leaves your entire body looking healthy and gorgeous. A hot shower mini massage feels good too, which will leave you with a smile as well. When it comes to the pros and cons of taking a hot shower, this perk definitely makes it something to consider.


Pro: Warmth

There’s nothing like a hot shower on a cold winter day, right? The warmth that infuses your body leaves you with a nice glow for a while after you towel off. Not only does it feel good to warm up in the shower, but it can also leave your skin looking rosy and healthy for several hours.


Pro: Cleanliness

Hot water is great for killing off bacteria and germs that lurk on your body. Sure, cooler water can clean you, but it doesn’t always do the best job of removing product from your skin. Warmer water is much better at washing off soap so that you skin isn’t covered with a build-up of products that interfere with health.


Con: Dry Skin

Sadly, there are more cons to a hot shower than there are pros. The biggest being that hot water can suck the moisture right out of your skin, leaving it dry and tight. This is especially true during the winter (just when you want to take a hot shower, right?). On the other hand, cool to warm water when you bathe has the opposite effect, leaving you with hydrated and healthy skin all the time.


Con: Itchiness

If you’ve ever suffered from dry skin, you know how it can make you itchy all over. A hot shower can definitely exacerbate the issue. The drier your skin, the higher chance that you’ll be scratching all day long. No one wants that! Switch to lukewarm showers and be sure you slather on the moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower. Damp skin is better as absorbing lotion so that’s the best time to put it on.


Con: Wide Open Pores

Pores are something that many women spend a lot of time thinking about. We don’t want them to be huge and obvious, right? It turns out that cooler showers can help because the lower temperature constricts blood vessels, helping close up pores (though it won’t shrink them for good). Hot showers have the opposite effect. Smaller pores leave less space for dirt and debris to get in, which helps cut down on breakouts.


Con: Exacerbation of Skin Conditions

If you suffer from something like psoriasis or eczema, you might notice that hot showers can make your symptoms worse. On the other hand, cooler showers offer relief from them and can even keep them at bay. For that reason, turning the temperature down might the best thing you can do.

What’s your shower MO? I tend toward the hotter end of the spectrum most of the time. You can go back and forth and reap the benefits of a hot shower without suffering the cons. A good balance is your best bet. What are your reasons for taking a hot shower or not taking one?

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Get your facts straight

Pores do not open and close. You should fact check a bit more beforehand

Dumbest article ever

Still not gonna give up hot showers

I feel like I NEED a warm shower... Ugh... The tragedy😢😂

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