7 Possible Reasons for Adult Acne and How to Treat It ...

When suffering from acne during our teenage years, the only hope we hang on is that it is just part of the transitional period and soon it will be over, but it turns out that it is not and there are other reasons for adult acne. And although acne suffering is over for some people when they enter adulthood, others are not so lucky and tend to continue to suffer from this skin problem and never outgrow it. In order to clear things up, here are 7 reasons for adult acne and possible ways to treat it.

1. Stress

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As we grow older, our stress levels tend to increase exponentially which could be one of the main reasons for adult acne. Researchers have found out that in response to high stress levels, our bodies tend to produce more androgens, which stimulate oil glands and hair follicles on the skin, leading to acne.. Therefore in order to fix this problem it is important to keep your stress levels low, by exercising, meditating and taking time for yourself.

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