11 Pampering Body Products for Nourished Skin This Winter ...

Ahhhh winter - the time of year when we're always on the lookout for new pampering body products to leave our skin feeling soft and protected against the cold. Or maybe that's just me? Whatever your reason for buying pampering body products, there's no denying that an evening in with a whole collection of home-spa goodies is a great way to feel good when it's cold, wet and wintry outside! Here are a few of my favorites, but shhhhh, keep them to yourselves before they sell out!

1. Live Clean Spa Therapy Foam Bath

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Enjoy a stress-free, guilt-free bath with this organic foam bath - it creates masses of luscious bubbles whilst being 98% plant derived (and no nasty hidden additives here!) so you can relax whilst enjoying softer, smoother skin. It's suitable for even sensitive skin, and won't leave you red or irritated, perfect for the winter months. This is one of the best winter pampering body products around, promise!

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