7 Outdoor Winter Sports Skin Care Tips ...


When it comes to winter sports skin care, you want to take it very seriously. It might seem like overcast or snowy days mean you don’t need protection, but that simply isn’t true. It’s great to get out there and exercise, even in the snow, because you’ll be burning calories and working your muscles. That’s good for your health in many ways, including weight maintenance and the prevention of a whole host of health problems. However, it pays to follow good winter sports skin care so you can keep your entire body safe and healthy while you have loads of fun.

1. Wear Sunscreen

This tops my list of good winter sports skin care because it might just be the most important thing you can do for your skin. Make no mistake – the sun’s rays can reach through the clouds and cause damage to your skin. And when the sun shines off the snow and ice, you are at high risk of a sunburn. I know it seems weird to think about a sunburn in the winter, but anytime you’re participating in winter sports, you need to slather on SPF first.

Avoid Cotton Next to Your Skin
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