7 of the Best πŸ‘ Home 🏑 Remedies for Dark Spots πŸŒ‘ ...


Pigmentation marks are the new wrinkles. While crow’s feet can be seen as a sign for laughter and character, pigmentation marks are seen as a sign of aging and we don’t want them!

What’s the reason for pigmentation marks?

Pigmentation marks are also called hyper-pigmentation and the reason for them is an overproduction of the skin coloring agent melanin. Reason for the over creation of melanin is increased sunlight. It shows mostly through freckles but there can also be other reasons for hyper-pigmentation like changes in your hormonal system due to pregnancy or the pill.

If you want to fight pigmentation but you want to avoid chemicals and you don’t like synthetic creams or ointments, there are various home remedies for dark spots that can help you.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice brightens dark spots. The acid contained in lemon juice helps to bleach your skin.

This is how you do it:

-Slice up a lemon and put the juice onto a Q-tip or a cotton pad and apply to the darkened skin.

-Let it work for about ten to fifteen minutes and rinse with water

-Repeat twice or tree times a day

Cider Vinegar