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Netflix and 6 Other Daily Things That Are Ageing You Prematurely ...

By Jessica

That youthful glow is all most women desire, no matter our age! Some even go under the knife to achieve firm, wrinkle-free skin- so, it's safe to assume the value our culture places on youth and aging well. And even though beauty is fleeting, it feels good to look your best and to have skin that shows it. It also helps to know what can cause those pesky wrinkles to show up prematurely so you can avoid them! Keep reading to find out the details!👌🏼 💁🏽

1 Too Much Screen Time 👀💻

A computer screen, including a phone or tablet, emits high energy visible light that penetrates deep into the skin, breaking down collagen production. Prolonged exposure, like binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, can prematurely age your skin! Not only that, watching outdoors or scrolling on your phone by the pool everyday causes harmful UVA/UVB rays to reflect back from your screen, amplifying the effects of the sun. So limit both when you can!

2 Exposure to Pollutants

Environmental chemicals, dust and smog, all contribute the to premature aging. If you live in a big city you automatically have an increased risk in negative skin effects than rural dwellers. Pollution/free radicals deplete the skin of oxygen causing skin irritation, sun spots, dry and irritated skin and a decrease in collagen! Yikes! Remember to keep well hydrated and wear that sunscreen. 💦😎


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3 Your Caffeine Addiction ☕️

Have you ever noticed that caffeine makes you pee a lot? That's because it's a diuretic and it pulls water from your cells. Basically, if you don't compensate your caffeine intake with the same amount of water, you can become dehydrated! And you better believe that will show up on your face. 😩 Simply watch your caffeine intake and remember to drink tons of water for your overall health! 💦

4 Frequent Flying ✈️

I love to travel, it's so much fun! But what I don't love is the insanely dry, re-circulated air in planes that leave your skin a hot mess. My face, lips, eyes and nose all feel dry and itchy after a long plane ride. The lack of humidity means dry, inflamed, red and acne-prone skin! The high altitude also means increased risk for harmful sun exposure. I like to make sure my face has sunscreen, is well hydrated (and preferably make-up free for long flights), and I like to keep lotion/lip balm on hand. 💄💦

5 Forgetting to Workout 🏋🏽

Exercise is good for the body but did you know it's good for the face, too? That's because oxygen rich blood circulates through your body and organs when you workout, increasing vascular health. When you skip exercise regularly, stress hormones remain high and as a result, your face becomes susceptible to redness, acne, and a breakdown of collagen.

6 Sleeping with Makeup on 😴

Hitting the bed after a long day is the most relaxing thing ever, and sometimes it's takes all the energy you have left just to get into pajamas and to skip your skin routine. But it's vitally important to remove your makeup before you sleep! If not, it acts as a barrier, preventing new cell growth, skin repairs, and collagen production. This means premature aging. 😳 You're also likely to get nasty breakouts and irritated skin! No matter how tired you are, you must take off your makeup! 💄💋👌🏽

7 Not following a Daily Skincare Routine 😱

Lastly, and probably most important, not following a daily skincare routine definitely will age your skin prematurely. I can't tell you how many friends I've had who don't wash their face and don't moisturize, either! (They don't wear makeup). It ages them, by a lot, by causing dry, patchy skin with premature wrinkles. So, stick to a skin care routine that works for you and you'll maintain that healthy glow!

I think we can all agree that avoiding harmful things for our body and skin is a must, and taking care of what we're given will significantly improve how we feel and how we look! Keep doing your thing, lovelies! 😘

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