7 Nasty Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin ...

The habits that are damaging your skin can be a long list, but the points to come are the most important ones. Not drinking enough water, your sleeping position, and using bad soap can also be horrible for your skin, but who knew about chewing gum? Not me! Here are some habits that are damaging your skin and you may not even know it.

1. Not Taking off Your Makeup

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This is the number one of seven bad habits that are damaging your skin, and I think you all know why. My grandmother always told me to take off my eye makeup as it causes wrinkles and infections, and I never used to listen, until now. I now realize this is so important ladies, as wrinkles around your eyes are the number one thing we do not want.

2. Chewing Gum

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Weird right? We rely on gum to take away our nasty breath after that garlic lunch, but some experts actually say that it can be doing your skin damage. The idea behind this theory is that since the muscles in our face are doing the same motion, that they will create those unwanted lines around your mouth. I’ll be thinking about this next time I reach for a stick of gum.

3. Dirty Pillowcase

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Yuck. When we sleep, like the rest of our organs, our skin rebuilds and replenishes itself. Old skin cells are shed so new ones can be produced. And where do those old skin cells go? You guessed it, our pillowcases. This can over time lead to breakouts and just all around unhealthy skin. Let your skin breath with fresh sheets and make sure to exfoliate before bedtime to help the old skin cells come off.

4. Those Long, Hot Showers

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How great do these feel in the morning? I know, we all do this, but we shouldn’t. The heat on your skin for a long period of time can actually get rid of all the good oils in your skin, and will make your skin dry and itchy. Our skin needs that natural oil protection to keep us looking fresh and keep those wrinkles away.

5. That Dirty Cell Phone

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This is actually SO true when you think about it. Think about where you leave your cell phone daily. At the bottom of your purse? Facedown on the countertop? Ick! Think about all those bacteria. This can actually cause a breakout around your cheeks. Make sure to wipe down your phone every now and then to kill all those unwanted germs.

6. Giving into Your Sweet Tooth

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This is pretty obvious, but eating too much candy or chocolate will cause breakouts. For some (like me) it doesn’t take long to get that breakout either. Not only that, but researchers have found that when you eat too much sugar, that sugar attacks your body’s protein. That protein is important to keep our skin looking young and healthy. Once the sugar attacks and kills all of that, what do we have left?

7. Stress

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We are all guilty of giving in to the effects of too much stress. Not only is it ruining your day now, but it will ruin your skin as well. Stress ages your skin by weakening your immune system and is obviously bad for your overall well-being. Do things that help prevent stress, like yoga or something that you find is relaxing.

Yikes. Those are a lot of things that I do daily, without even realizing. I am going to think twice before doing all of the above again, although it’ll be hard to give up my sweet tooth! What are some of your own habits that are damaging your skin?

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