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7 Tips to Rock "No-Makeup" Look for Low Maintenance Girls ...

By Eliza

Wouldn’t it be glorious to look so great that you could wear shorts and dresses and still get loads of compliments? Turns out there are some really easy things you can do for your skin that can help you get there. No more sweating in hot clothes because your skin is less than perfect. If you want the same thing, read on for all the tips you need to have skin that screams “best skin in town.”

1 Start Dry Brushing Your Skin to Improve Skin from the inside out

Skincare experts say that dry brushing has been around for centuries and it works so there’s no reason for all the lotions and potions you might already be using. Dry brushing gets rids of dry skin cells to clear your pores and boosts circulation, helping pump nutrients to all parts of your body so that your skin is healthy and glowing. Ask your dermatologist to teach you the technique so you can get the most out of it.

2 Try an Exfoliating Body Wash in the Shower Every Day

You probably already exfoliate your face on a regular basis, but did you know your body needs the same treatment? Switch to an exfoliation body wash and you slough off all the icky stuff that lingers on your body after a day out in the world. In no time, you’ll start seeing softer, smoother skin and fewer breakouts and rough, dry patches. Perfect!

3 Try an OTC Method for Masking Cellulite on Your Body

There was a time when you had to see a pro to treat cellulite, but those days are long gone. You can now buy several over-the-counter treatments for minimizing the dimpled look and leaving you with soft, even and smooth skin. Just remember – there is no way to get rid of cellulite, but you can lessen how obvious it is. Try a drugstore cellulite cream or ask your dermatologist to give you some samples.

4 Spray on Some Body Make-up to Even Your Skin Tone

Look for an airbrush style product at drugstores or supermarkets. These products spray on your skin and help even out skin tone and give you a nice healthy glow. You’ll have more confidence to bear it all in your summer shorts and tank tops and you won’t have to compromise your skin by using a tanning booth or going without sunscreen.

5 Start Shaving Your Legs at Night for Better Results

According to the skincare experts, night is a better time to shave your legs than in the morning. Because shaving removes a layer or two of skin (don’t worry – it’s healthy), it leaves your skin more prone to sun damage and bacteria. Shaving at night gives your legs a chance to build up these defenses while you sleep. So shave before bed if you want to rock that sundress in the morning.

6 Wear a Good Moisturizer Morning and Night

Nothing makes me want to cover up more than having dry, tight skin. That’s why moisturizer is a vital part of my skincare routine. Skimping on lotion can leave you with dry skin, which can look flaky and scaly. Make sure you are slathering lotion over your entire body at least once a day, but ideally twice. You can also rub in lotion on your hands, feet, knees and elbows anytime you need it.

7 Don’t Ignore Spots by Covering Them up

Got a weird mole or a rough patch that won’t go away. Instead of covering it up with sleeves, pants or other clothes not suitable for the summer, see your dermatologist instead. On the off chance that the spot is dangerous, you can have it removed to prevent further damage. Even if it’s not, you can have it removed so you have more confidence to bare your legs, arms or back this summer.

How do you make sure your skin is ready for summer clothes? Which of these tips are you excited to try?

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