7 Magnificently Easy Ways to Look Young No Matter Your Age ...


Most women want some ways to look young. I know I do. Obviously I don’t want to look like I’m in high school since I have three kids, but I wouldn’t mind shaving off a couple of years. It turns out that’s as simple as making my skin look great with some easy steps that can actually also take some time off my routine in the morning. If you want some ways to look young, you’re in the right place. Get started with these effortless tips.

1. Skip the Powder

Powder has its value, but to be honest, I haven’t worn it since high school and it turns out that's one of the easiest ways to look young. That’s because the longer it’s on my face, the more it creeps into all my fine lines and wrinkles, which just makes them all that more obvious. I still wear foundation to even things out and hide blemishes, but the powder doesn’t have a place in my make-up bag anymore.

Boost Your Vitamin C Intake
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