7 Luxury Deodorants to Consider ...

Did you know that there are luxury deodorants? Yes ladies, you can treat your armpits to some high-end, brand name deodorant! While it might seem like a waste of money to spend over $10 on something that youโ€™ll go through so quickly and just sweat off, there are some major benefits to be had by treating yourself to some lavish deodorants! Keep reading for seven luxury deodorants and their benefits!

1. Lavanila Laboratories the Healthy Deodorant

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Luxury deodorants mainly get their high price tag from the cute packaging and quality ingredients. Lavanilaโ€™s deodorant purports to be a clinical-strength deodorant that is 100% natural and safe. The gentle yet effective formula fights odor while strengthening and conditioning your skin. Choose from a variety of vanilla fragrances like vanilla coconut or vanilla grapefruit. It's $14 at Sephora.com.

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