7 Luscious Lip Balms That You've Got to Have This Summer ...

Lip balms are a beauty staple for me anytime of the year. But now that the weather is really heating up, I want to stock up on some lip balms that are perfect for summer weather! Our lips need special care, especially since we spend more time out in the sun during the summer season. Lip balms work hard to protect, soothe and moisturize our lips! Check out some of my picks for luscious lip balms that you’ll want to wear all summer long!

1. Carmex Moisture plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm

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Carmex makes some of the most hydrating lip balms out there but for summer, let’s try something lighter like this glossy lip balm! It has a soft vanilla fragrance, SPF 15 to keep your pucker protected and it’s super hydrating. You can use this alone or under lipstick to keep your lips soft, smooth and moisturized while you’re out and about! You can find this at Walmart for $2.48.

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