10 Life-changing 😱 Skincare Products πŸ› for Girls with Combination πŸ” Skin ...

So you have combination skin, do you? That means you suffer from several things going on, sometimes all at once. You probably have some patches that are oily and others that are dry. While this can make it hard to target each issue, you aren’t doomed to bad skin forever. By using the right products in the morning and at night, you can create the smooth, flawless and beautiful skin you’ve always wanted to have. Here’s what you need to get the job done.

1. Use a Gel Cleanser in the Morning

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This type of cleanser works to break up grease, helping cut the shine on your skin. At the same time, it’s hydrating for the dry patches and can help soothe those areas too. Use a gel cleanser each and every morning before you do anything else. That way you can start the day with a fresh clean slate for your other products. Use the same cleanser again in the evening to wash away makeup and other products before you go to bed.

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