7 Ingredients to Look for in a Facial Mask ...

Whether you make your own face masks or buy them at the store, there are some ingredients that are ideal for your skin. By choosing or making products that contain these ingredients, you can do great things for the skin on your face. That skin is some of the thinnest on your body and taking the best care of it possible means you can preserve its radiance, youth and glow for your entire life. Here are some ingredients you can look for. Let me know how they work for you.

1. Honey

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Making your own face mask with honey is pretty popular, but some drugstore versions also contain honey. Honey contains loads of antioxidants, which your skin needs to fight free radical damage that can lead to aging and skin cancer. Honey also has antiseptic properties that make it great for fighting acne. You can put it on your face plain, but look for it in facial masks too.

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