What is the normal healthy weight for me. I'm currently 8 stone 5 (117 lbs) and 5 ft 8 im 15 and a male.

I look pale, I can feel bones sticking out at my back, I feel dizzy when I stand up or get out of my chair. I feel weak, what is the normal weight for my hight so ill still look thin but healthier Thank you

So if I eat any junk to gain the weight I need to Will I become fat please help im really worry'd

Should I continue working out once I hit normal range, and try to build muscle? Idk what to do anymore. If I gained pounds will it be noticeable to people ? I really would you to build muscles but all my friends says I need to put on little bit of fat and hit normal weight, once I hit normal weight add muscle mass. Idk what to do please help, I only drink water nothing else. I don't eat any junk only chocolate, I don't touch any fry'd food, would eat chocolate through out this week help me gain abit of weight? I'm also worry'd incase if I did eat chocolate it would gain weight as it would be noticeable. I want to be in the normal weight range but still look thin, and my 30 weist troussers are too big for me, I need to fill them in, and I regret not doing exercise for a week, as im trying to recover. My usual exercises was running up and down the stairs in intense for 40 minutes. Now I feel weak, should I recover, until I hit normal weight? oh btw I don't eat after 7pm too, And I drink 4L of water everyday

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