What is the normal healthy weight for me. I'm currently 8 stone 5 (117 lbs) and 5 ft 8 im 15 and a male.

I look pale, I can feel bones sticking out at my back, I feel dizzy when I stand up or get out of my chair. I feel weak, what is the normal weight for my hight so ill still look thin but healthier Thank you

So if I eat any junk to gain the weight I need to Will I become fat please help im really worry'd

Should I continue working out once I hit normal range, and try to build muscle? Idk what to do anymore. If I gained pounds will it be noticeable to people ? I really would you to build muscles but all my friends says I need to put on little bit of fat and hit normal weight, once I hit normal weight add muscle mass. Idk what to do please help, I only drink water nothing else. I don't eat any junk only chocolate, I don't touch any fry'd food, would eat chocolate through out this week help me gain abit of weight? I'm also worry'd incase if I did eat chocolate it would gain weight as it would be noticeable. I want to be in the normal weight range but still look thin, and my 30 weist troussers are too big for me, I need to fill them in, and I regret not doing exercise for a week, as im trying to recover. My usual exercises was running up and down the stairs in intense for 40 minutes. Now I feel weak, should I recover, until I hit normal weight? oh btw I don't eat after 7pm too, And I drink 4L of water everyday

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Hi there. I read your post and wanted to leave a comment. The above poster gave good advice when she recommended you gain weight using healthy foods (proteins, fruits and veggies.) Not only will this help you gain healthy weight, but would cut down on any guilt you might have from gaining weight using junk food. It would also help you gain normal levels of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function correctly. Regarding your dizzy spells.. It could be a couple of things. First of all, you could be anemic. This means that your blood levels are low and so your body tissues, including your brain, aren't getting enough oxygen thus causing dizziness. If it were me, I'd see a doctor and have my blood drawn and analysed. Then the doctor would be able to tell you where to go from there. The doctor also might want to draw other labs, depending on their physical exam and your medical history. Another thing that could be causing your dizzy spells is low blood glucose. When you visit the doctor, ask them to draw your A1C level. This test will show your average blood glucose level for the past 2-3 months. One things you could do to try and stave off these dizzy spells is to have a snack before you exercise. Try a few biscuits with peanut butter, just 3 or 4, before your exercise. This might help keep your sugar levels enough. The important thing to remember is that your body runs on glucose, which is a form of sugar. Your muscles will literally stop working if your body runs out of sugar. So snacking before you exercise is actually helping yourself exercise smarter. One thing I want to encourage is for you to be healthy. This is okay, but healthy is better. Buy some books, take some classes, do some research into how your body works and you'll be well equipped to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hi! I was really impressed on how Do you know about the body mass index (BMI)? It's a useful information based on your length-to-body-ratio that can tell if you are within a healthy weight range. Based on your information, your BMI right now is 17, and this is quite low (a BMI of 19-25 is considered healthy, a number lower than 19 means you are seriously underweight). To be in the healthy zone according to the BMI (i.d. have a BMI of at least 19), you should gain 14 more pounds. You would be perfectly healthy and not overweight at all! If you want to gain this weight in a healthy way: - eat lots of proteins: all kinds of meat (though beef and chicken are less fatty than pork), dairy, lentils and beans! aim for it te be 30% of your diet, - carbohydrates: bread, rice, potatoes, pasta - this should be around 30 %. - don't forget the veggies! they are really important because they have a lot of nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants, help your digestions with their fibres, and should make up 40% of your diet. Try to stay away from fabricated foods (lots of it has freaky conservants or tons of sugar), rely on cooking (don't worry, it's really easy, most of the time it's cutting stuff and adding water or a little bit of oil to stuff in a pan and watching it so it doesn't burn), and use healthy oils (cold-pressed olive oil, and rape-seed oil). Go creative with spices! I am not a doctor and therefore my advice is based only on what I know and read. Still, I think it's important that you gain weight. Not all of it is going to be fat, far from it; you will build and sustain muscle too if you do a MODERATE training (i.e. stop when you're dizzy or when sth hurts). The muscles you will build in the gaining-weight-phase should only be "normal muscles", don't aim to "pump" your body. Of course, feel free to make an appointment with a nutritionist and buy some books on healthy eating if you want to know more. You may be afraid now of getting 'fat' but you would have to gain FAR MORE than 14 pounds for that to happen. Good luck! : )

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