How to Prevent Tan Lines πŸ‘™β›” for Girls Who Live in Their Bikini πŸ’β˜€οΈ ...


It's always nice to visit the beach for a few hours and then come with a newly tanned body. However, it's a lot less fun to realize that you have embarrassing tan lines from your bathing suit straps, jewelry, and watch. In order to avoid those problems, you have to plan ahead. Before you step into the sun again, you should learn these tips for preventing tan lines:

1. Adjust Your Swimsuit Straps

Tanning naked is the best way to prevent tan lines. Of course, since you probably won't be visiting a nudist beach, you can settle for wearing a strapless bathing suit top. That way, you won't have any tan lines on your shoulders for others to see. Of course, if you already have a gorgeous bathing suit with straps, you can occasionally adjust those straps while you're tanning to make sure that all of the different areas of your skin are exposed to the sun for equal periods of time.

Don't Miss a Spot when Applying Sunscreen