Are Your Lips Ready for a Mistletoe Smacker ?


Are Your Lips Ready for a Mistletoe Smacker ?
Are Your Lips Ready for a Mistletoe Smacker ?

Are you wondering how to get your lips ready for a mistletoe kiss? Christmastime means a lot of different things to different people. There is the gift buying for the ones you love, settling down on the couch to watch lots of festive movies, attending let-loose work parties, and of course, the prospect of being caught under the mistletoe with somebody that you like!

Mistletoe is a great way to break the ice, especially when you are placing it around somebody that you have a crush on. However, you shouldn’t be going straight into a mistletoe mission without the proper preparation! Your lips need to be in perfect condition in order to make the right impact with a quick mistletoe smooch. Here's how to get your lips ready for a mistletoe kiss.

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Overnight Prep

Before you go to bed the night before the party, make sure to moisturise your lips so they are nice and soft when you wake up. Something like an intensive lip balm should do the trick, and it’s not just a good idea for a mistletoe kiss plan, it’s also a routine that you should get into for the whole of the winter season to help replenish your lips from the harsh cold of the outdoors. Overnight prep is the perfect answer for how to get your lips ready for a mistletoe kiss.



When you wake up in the morning, put your lips through a gentle exfoliating treatment so that you remove any dead skin from the surface. The gentler the better here, as you don’t want to cause any irritation or inflammation that might cause problems when it comes to landing your dream kiss later on!


Prime Your Lips

Just like you prime your face for foundation and powder, you can also do the same for your lips before applying any colour so that it stays set for longer. It’s a multi-step but relatively simple process once you know the order!

• Begin by dabbing a small bit of moisturising lip balm so that your lips aren’t bone dry.

• Draw the outline of your desired lip with a good quality lip pencil. This will help the colour from running as the night goes on. When the outline is done, fill in your whole lip with the pencil. It gives your colour something to adhere to.

• Apply the lipstick of your choice over the lip lined area.

• Now, take a tissue and blot your lips, not too hard but also not too soft. After this has taken away any blotchy excess, lightly dust your lips with a translucent powder. This will help to really set the colour and keep everything in place.

• Nearly finished! The last thing to do is finish that layer of translucent powder with a final coat of lipstick. The trick behind this is that even when the outer layer starts to fade away, you will still have so much more going on underneath that it won’t matter at all! The colour won’t look like it has faded in the slightest, and you will be free to kiss under the mistletoe all night long!

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