3. Oily Skin

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It can be tough managing oily skin. Woman with oily skin have higher levels of sebum production and larger oil glands. This is entirely genetic. While it’s not a bad skin type to have, if you are a makeup wearer or suffer from acne, it can be problematic. Follow this skincare routine for optimal results.

For daytime, cleansing three times a day will help keep the oil production low and keep bacteria at bay which can be an issue for this skin type.

Try cleansers that have ingredients like geranium or witch hazel, which naturally cut the oil production without over drying. Do not skip moisturizing, that’s a misconception. Go for oil-free moisturizers with sodium PCA and glycerin in the ingredients because they are humectants that will help your skin retain moisture without all the greasiness. Also, zinc oxide sunsreen is the best choice because it will give a matte finish to your skin complexion. At night use the same cleansing routine as for the daytime. Apply retinol, as it will reduce the size of the pores, as will moisturizers with alpha-hydroxy acides or beta-hydroxy acids. If you’re acne-prone, ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil will keep your skin clear and brighten any dullness.

Combination Skin
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