How to Deal with These Skin Problems in the Fall ...

Eliza Martinez

How to Deal with These Skin Problems in the Fall ...

Fall is a glorious time of pumpkin spice lattes, adorable sweaters and hearty soups. It’s also a time when your skin might suffer the effects of the change in weather. My skin tends to get a bit drier and flakier when the temps drop. There are some things you might be battling now that autumn has arrived. The trick is figuring out what to do about those issues. I’m here to save the day with this advice that will save your fall from turning into a disaster.

1 The Colder Temps Mean Drier Skin

When the mercury drops, you might notice that your skin gets dry. This can usually be blamed on the dry air in your home and workplace when the heater starts coming on. You can counteract the issue by choosing a thick cream to combat the problem. Look for something formulated for dry skin and make sure you apply it several times each day. After a shower is the perfect time to lock in moisture, so be sure you slather on your lotion then.

2 Eczema Tends to Flare in Extreme Temperatures

You might envision fall as being a time of cool weather, turning leaves and cozy sweaters. The truth is that many places can get lots of snow and frigid temperatures in fall. I know that because I live in one of them. Eczema sufferers often experience a flare up when this happens. Be diligent about your treatment and talk to your doctor if things really get out of hand.

3 Seborrheic Dermatitis Rears Its Ugly Head when the Weather Changes

This condition, which looks like a really bad case of dandruff, can flare when the weather cools off. It generally appears in your hair, but it can also show up in your brows and even on your face where there isn’t any hair. Your best bet is to use a specialized shampoo to battle the condition. Experts also say you should control stress and refrain from scratching the dermatitis.

4 Going in and out during the Fall Can Make Rosacea Flare

Experts say that when you come in from the chilly outside temps and into the heated air inside, your rosacea can flare. You’ll know because that telltale redness will appear. You must be diligent about sunscreen to help control the issue. Skincare experts also suggest using skincare products with coffee cherry in them because it’s known to fight inflammation and redness.

5 Keratosis Pilaris Crops up when You Wear More Clothing

Keratosis Pilaris presents itself as little patches of raised skin on your arms. It can also present other places, but is most common on the backs of your arms. It feels like dry skin, but can be blamed on the extra layers of clothing you wear when fall comes. Avoid wearing wool and choose breathable fabrics to help cut down on the problem. Regular exfoliation can also help.

6 Brown Spots on Your Face in the Fall Are Due to Summertime Sun Exposure

It’s fall and your summer tan is probably starting to fade. What’s left behind are brown spots that you can blame on sunshine. They may be more noticeable in the fall because you lose that summer glow. Laser treatments are an effective way to remove the spots from your skin. However, next summer, I highly recommend using sunscreen to help cut down on sun damage.

7 Dry, Cracked Lips Don’t Have to Be Your Cross to Bear

The cooler, drier air you’re exposed to in the fall can lead to dry, chapped lips. This is easy to combat by slicking on lip balm regularly. You should also exfoliate your lips from time to time to remove dead skin cells.

What skin issues do you suffer with during the fall? What advice can you share for treating it?