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Your body is covered in pores and they can stretch and appear larger when they are full of gunk and grime. Not only does this give your skin a sort of pitted appearance, but wide open pores are also more susceptible to becoming clogged, which leads to breakouts and blemishes. So what’s a girl to do? Try one of these easy home remedies for shrinking pores and keeping your skin healthy and your complexion clear and lovely. Of course, it’s also a good idea to talk things over with your dermatologist.

1. Rub Your Pores with an Ice Cube

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Sounds easy enough, right? The idea that you use ice to reduce swelling when you sprain your ankle is the same reason why it will shrink pores. The coldness of the ice helps your blood vessels contract, which pulls your pores in and makes them appear smaller. If you can’t handle the ice on its own, try placing a cube or two in a cloth and gently running it over the affected areas.

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