Home-Made Recipes ⚗️for Those Who Suffer from Itchy Skin 😱 ...


I kinda' have a rule when it comes to skincare. Your skin absorbs anything you put on it, so really, you shouldn’t put anything on it that you wouldn’t put in it. That means approaching your skincare as you would your diet, feeding your skin the best natural ingredients, eschewing all toxic chemicals. I get patches of itchy, dry skin so I often turn to some homemade remedies.

1. Oatmeal and Herb Bath Bags

One of the most important things to remember about taking a bath with dry skin is that you should always add something moisturizing to the water. Oatmeal is a great ingredient to use. It contains phenols and avenanthramides which reduce inflammation and sooth discomfort of dry, itchy skin. It can help restore your skin’s pH levels and the saponins act as a natural anti-bacterial cleanser. The best way to use oatmeal in your bath is with an oatmeal and herb bag.


Handful of oatmeal

A square of cheesecloth or muslin

Aromatic herb of your choosing

A ribbon or strip of cheesecloth

To make and use:

All you have to do is put the oatmeal and herbs in the middle of the fabric square, pull it together in a pouch and secure with the ribbon. Make sure to leave enough ribbon so the bag hangs down in the water when you turn on the faucet. That’s all you do. Hang the bag over the hot water as it’s running and you get a lovely bath that will soothe your itchy dry skin.

Milk and Honey Bath Melts
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