7 Helpful Tips on Giving Yourself a Facial Massage ...

If you haven’t heard about the many benefits of massaging your face, you’ve got to read this post on how to give yourself a facial massage! Massaging your face isn’t just for those time you get a facial, you can give yourself a facial massage every time you apply your facial products to detoxify your body, prevent wrinkles and even relief congestion in your sinuses! Continue reading for some useful tips on giving yourself a facial massage!

1. Prep

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The first step in how to give yourself a facial massage is to prepare. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, pat dry with a towel and grab a serum or a moisturizer of your choice. You might want to grab some eye cream to apply to your eye area also. Don’t apply it just yet though, just get it ready to use in the next step!

2. Close Your Eyes

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The next facial massage tip is to get your skin care products and apply your eye cream or serum. Next, close your eyes and place the ring fingers on each hand in between your eyebrows (close to the center of your forehead) and make small, circular motions all the way around your eyes. Make sure you’re making gentle circles and not pulling on the skin.

3. Go Low

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The next step in facial massage is to take the massage down lower to the middle of your face. This time, use your index fingers to make small circles around your cheekbones. Using gentle pressure, use the pads of your fingers to softly press and rotate your fingers so you’re massaging your skin against your bone.

4. Get Centered

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While we’re learning how to give yourself a facial massage, remember to always use the pads of your fingers to apply gentle pressure without dragging the skin. Now, we’re ready to move on to the center of the face. Using the pads of the thumbs, bring them to the outer edge of your nostrils and rest the rest of your fingers on your forehead. Gently glide your thumbs across your cheekbones and finish up by stroking your fingers up towards the ears. Repeat this move three times being careful to avoid the eye area.

5. Chin up

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The next step in the facial massage us to concentrate on your chin and jaw area. Gently press all of the fingers from both hands above the chin and hold your thumbs underneath your jaw. Press down softly and rotate your fingers while keeping the thumbs still. Repeat the process while moving along the jawbone area and up to your ears for three more times.

6. Spirit Fingers

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Another massage tip is to use the back of your hand to gently pat under your chin and jawline. Next, use the tips of your fingers and gently tap your fingertips all over your face. Keep the movements light and soft. Finish off by gently gliding the back of your hands from your chest to your chin with one hand right after the other.

7. Keep It up

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The last of these facial massage tips is to encourage you to keep up the massages! You don’t have to spend hours doing it, you can take as little as two minutes every day when you’re applying moisturizer to reap all the great benefits! And if you’re wondering when the best time to do this massage is, the mornings seem to be the ideal time. Giving yourself a facial massage in the morning helps de-puff your face and gets the blood circulation in your face going!

I know it can be hard to learn how to give yourself a facial massage through written instructions alone and you can always supplement this info with videos. A facial massage not only feels good but your skin will start looking better and draining the fluids from your face will also make you feel much better also! Have you ever tried a facial massage?

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