8 Helpful Hints and Ways to Prevent and Treat Cold Sores ...


If you’re looking for some simple ways to treat cold sores, I encourage you to try some of these home remedies! Cold sores always seem to pop up when we least expect them and can really put a damper on our day. While cold sores typically return, there are things you can do to treat them and speed up your recovery. Check out these helpful ways to treat cold sores to ease discomfort and hasten healing time!

1. Avoid Arginine

One of the easy ways to treat cold sores is to avoid foods with the amino acid arginine. Cold sores need arginine in your body in order to successfully replicate. On the contrary, the amino acid lysine helps heal and prevent cold sores. You can eat foods high in lysine or take supplements to help prevent cold sores from appearing and to speed up healing time.

Change Your Toothbrush
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