7 Handy Dandy Uses for Dr.Bronner's Soap ...

If you’ve discovered and are looking for uses for Dr. Bronner’s soap, I’m here to help! While I’m relatively new to castile soaps myself, I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s soap and I can tell you that it really is quite magical! Dr. Bronner’s soaps are organic, gentle, eco-friendly and have been around for centuries! If you’ve seen those tall bottles of soap and are curious to see what it can really do, check out seven of the many uses for Dr. Bronner’s soap below!

1. Wash Beauty Tools

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One of my favorite uses for Dr. Bronner’s soap is to wash my beauty tools! If you look at the ingredients of Dr. Bronner’s soap, you’ll notice that it’s made up of various natural oils and is vegetable-based, so there aren’t any harsh ingredients that will damage your skin or any tools you use on your face. Keep in mind that Dr. Bronner’s soap needs to be diluted before you use it to wash anything. A great cheat sheet on diluting the soap can be found here: lisa.drbronner.com,

2. Hair Rinse

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Another one of the fabulous ways to use Dr. Bronner’s soap is to wash your hair. If you’re looking for a more natural way to wash your hair, give this guy a try! Many people have stopped using traditional shampoos due to some of the ingredients found in them (like sulphates) or because they just want to use something gentler and more eco-friendly. Wet your hair thoroughly and massage some of the soap into your hair and rinse well. Follow up with a conditioner of your choice!

3. Body Wash

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A great way to save money and space is to also use Dr Bronner’s soap as a body wash after you shampoo your hair. Dr. Bronner’s soap come in a variety of fragrances like peppermint, almond, lavender and tea tree, so you have some really refreshing options. Simply squirt some of the liquid soap onto your loofah or wash cloth and wash, or add a couple of tablespoons to your bath for relaxing soak. Some people have reported that using peppermint on your unmentionables can be a bit too tingly so be careful!

4. Shaving Liquid

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Another one of the ways to use Dr. Bronner’s soap in the shower or bath is to use it as a shaving solution. Use a few drops with water to work into a lather and use it shave your face, legs or underarms. You can check the cheat sheet for further directions or experiment with different amounts. Dr. Bronner’s soap is all-natural and gentle so it’s a great alternative to store-bought shaving cream.

5. Wash Clothes

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Dr. Bronner’s soap can also be used to wash your clothes. It's amazing for hand washing certain delicates such as silks or wool, or you can also add some of the liquid soap to washing machines also! Try using ¼ cup for top loaders and 1/8 cup for front loading machines. Again, you have a variety of fragrances to work with so your clothes will be super clean and fresh!

6. Fruit & Vegetable Wash

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Apples are one of my go-to snacks, but with the news reporting that apples are one of the top foods that have pesticides on them, I wanted to take the food washing up a step. You guessed it, you can use Dr. Bronner’s soap to wash your fruits and veggies! Just use a squirt of the liquid soap and massage the fruit or vegetable. The best soap for this use is the unscented Baby Mild type.

7. Foot Soak

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Want an easy way to relax after a long day on your feet? Aside from taking a bath, soaking your feet is another nice treat to help you unwind and feel better after a hard day. Simply add a tablespoon of your favorite Dr. Bronner soap to a foot bath, take a deep breath and let the relaxing commence! You can also wash your face by applying a few drops of the soap onto your wet face and massaging!

Dr. Bronner’s soap reports 18 uses for its soap, so this was just a quick take on the many things you can do with it. Be sure to check out the diluting guide that’s referenced in #1 but remember to experiment to see what works best for you. Have you used Dr. Bronner’s soap before? How do you use it?

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