7 Great Online Stores That Sell Handmade Soap ...

I am already a big fan of LUSH products, and I got to thinking about other online stores that sell handmade soap. I found so many great stores to list, but I whittled it down to seven, because after a while, they all just tend to sound alike. Of course, these are all online stores that sell handmade soap, but each one has just something a little special that sets them apart from the rest.

1. Eve’s Garden Handmade Soaps

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I found Jone’s site in my hunt for the best online stores that sell handmade soap. Jone doesn’t trust others with her baby, and still creates all of the soaps for sale right in her kitchen. The prices are reasonable and the soaps are masterpieces. They’re ridiculously beautiful; they look more like cake slices or a work of art, than soap.


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