8 Great DIY Masks for Pampered Hands and Feet ...


Are you ready to pamper yourself with some DIY masks for hands and feet?! When you think of at-home beauty treatments, our faces usually get all the attention, but not this time! These simple and effective DIY masks for hands and feet will have your fingers and toes singing for joy! The next time you’re staying in for the night or just want to treat yourself to some relaxation time, try out these DIY masks!

1. Potato Hand Mask

I love my taters and who knew they’d be a main ingredient on this list of DIY masks for hands and feet?! Potatoes make for a great anti-aging, whitening, tightening and brightening skin treatment. If you have aging hands or just want to even out your skin tone, this potato mask will make an excellent treatment! All you need are potatoes and milk and you’re ready to get cooking!


2-3 potatoes



Who says, mashed potatoes are only good for eating? Boil 2-3 potatoes, mash them thoroughly and add milk to form a paste. Apply the warm mixture on your hands and leave them on until they cool. Wash them off and apply your favorite hand cream or lotion.

Source: beautyismyduty.com

Oatmeal Foot Mask