Fun πŸ™ƒ Facts about Freckles for Girls Not so in Love πŸ’– with Their Beauty Spots πŸ’‹ ...


There are so many different facts about freckles, it's hard to pick out the fun ones and ones that people don't really know about! If you're wondering, why you might have freckles and some of your friends don't, take a look below! I've got all kinds of fun facts about freckles that you might not know! For example, they fade in the winter – how cool is that? So all you freckled girls, take a look at all of my fun facts about freckles below!

1. Freckles Multiply with Tanning

Do you ladies want really tan skin? Do you already have a lot of freckles? One of the biggest facts about freckles that I didn't know about is that they actually multiple when you tan. So girls, if you are thinking about trying to ditch your freckles, you might want to stay outta the sun or put on some of that high SPF sunscreen!

Freckles Don't Just Happen on Redheads