7 Fragrances in Skincare Products That Capture the Essence of Fall ...


Fragrances in skincare products range from the fruity to the flowery and everything in between. When fall rolls around, you can expect to find certain scents of the season in everything from body spray to lotion. If thatโ€™s important to you, you can check any drug or cosmetics store and stock up on the delicious smells that tell you fall has arrived. However, for some people fragrances in skincare products can cause headaches or skin irritation. Be sure to test them when you can, so that you donโ€™t buy stuff you end up being unable to use.

1. Musk

You donโ€™t have to go for straight musk, but experts are saying that muskier scents are trending for fall this year. Choose a product that combines musk with flowers or notes of citrus so you arenโ€™t overwhelmed, but still smell fresh. This is definitely one of the best fragrances in skincare products for the fall, but amber and sandalwood are great alternatives if you donโ€™t like musk.

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