7 Fabulous Homemade Face Packs for a Winter Boost ...

Homemade face packs can be just the thing for brightening up dull skin in winter. Spending our time in centrally-heated rooms can leave our skin looking dull and dry, so we need something that will moisturise and brighten it up. Why buy an expensive face pack when you can use ingredients you may already have in your kitchen? It's cheaper and more fun to make your own, so try these homemade face packs for a winter boost …

1. Oats, Honey and Yoghurt

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Finely ground oatmeal
Natural Yoghurt

The first of the homemade face packs I've picked out for you to try consists of just three ingredients that you'll probably already have, so it's ideal to make whenever you fancy giving your skin a treat. Just mix equal quantities of yoghurt and oatmeal, and add a tiny amount of honey. Leave for 15 minutes, then wash off and splash your face with cold water.

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