Essential NutrientsπŸ’Š for Girls Who Want πŸŽ€ Gorgeous πŸŽ€ Glowing Skin ...

When you don't take 🎬 care of your skin by eating the right πŸ‘‰ foods, you could end up πŸ†™ with acne, dryness or other issues you'd probably rather not deal with. Since your face πŸ—Ώ is what you show to the world, it makes total sense to fill your body with vitamins and minerals that keep your skin glowing, smooth and blemish-free. Here's what you need to add βž• to your grocery list this week.

1. Vitamin πŸ’Š C

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Vitamin πŸ’Š C ©️ is considered an antioxidant, which means it helps fight πŸ‘Š free πŸ†“ radical damage, helping keep your skin looking youthful and protecting you from the dangers of skin cancer. Vitamin πŸ’Š C ©️ also boosts collagen and elastic production so you don't want to find yourself with deficient levels. Toss some kiwis, strawberries, oranges, grapefruits, bell πŸ”• peppers and Brussels sprouts into your grocery cart to up πŸ†™ your intake.

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