Essence the Asian Beauty Secret You Need ...


Essence  the Asian Beauty Secret You Need ...
Essence  the Asian Beauty Secret You Need ...

I'm here to tell you why essence is the Asian beauty secret that we should all know about.

Essence should never be questioned, it has been a part of Asian skincare routines for centuries, and finally, we are also getting a chance to get on the road to that same routine. In case you are now wondering what is the essence and what do you actually do with it - do not worry, it will all be explained!

The essences are actually a lot thinner and way more concentrated than any moisturizer out there, they have a lot thinner, watery consistency than most of the serums you can find on the market. Most of the essences you find contain various ingredients that will help with hydrating, evening out the skin tone, brightening and even reducing the visibility of the most annoying wrinkles. Essence is here to promote our skin regeneration, with proper use and care, the essences will surely help you out on your way toward brighter and softer skin, and most importantly, the health of your skin.

Essences actually come in various consistencies - gel, liquid and lotion-like treatments, all of them with great results, it is just depending on your own preferences. The whole treatment starts right after cleansing or exfoliating your skin, but it should be always applied BEFORE moisturizers, ampoules, sleeping masks or serums.

The essences are not a replacement for any of your current skin care routines, they are a whole new thing on their own, the essences actually prepare your skin for all of the treatments that follow, that way they will be fully absorbed.

The essences are usually applied by your own hand and since they are rather watery, make sure you use just a few drops of it. When applying the essence, try being as gentle as possible, that way you will not miss anything and your skin will fully absorb the effects.

These lovely miracle essences are not always used for the skin, they are actually great for your hair too! It works as a protector for your hair, it gives a watery layer of nourishment and that results in instant shine and softness for your hair. Do not hesitate, essences are entirely safe and already tested by millions of people out there, it is just a matter of your own will.

Obviously, essences became a very serious thing in a skincare routine. Will you give it a try? Have you ever tried using an essence and what are your thoughts?

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