Most Effective πŸ‘Œ Home Remedies 🏑 to Get Rid of 🚫 Acne ...


If you have a breakout, you're probably trying really hard to find effective home remedies for acne.

Most people get a chill whenever acne or pimples break out on their face, particularly for those involved in show business and entertainment. It’s a horrible nightmare they just want to wake up from.

But worse than the acne itself, is the fact that some regular creams and beauty soaps for tackling acne can be harsh on the skin. They can compound the problem, and leave side effects, like dryness, skin irritation and inflammation.

This is aside from the fact that beauty products can be quite expensive.. However, your quest to attain smooth skin, free of those annoying pimples and acne needn’t be so daunting.

Consider the following effective home remedies for acne.

1. Don’t Touch Your Face

First and foremost, you want to keep your hands away from your face if you’ve got acne. I know it’s a natural compulsion most people have to finger their face unconsciously, but you must exercise some restraint. This is one of the best effective home remedies for acne.

Try not to pop the pimples either, because your hands can transfer germs and bacteria to your face and trigger a new skin reaction. Scratching or pinching your face every now and then doesn’t help your situation.

So whenever your fingers are itchy and you feel that urge to touch your face, just put your hands in your pocket and count to 10.

Apple Cider Vinegar
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