4 Easy Ways to Mask Bug Bites ...


4 Easy Ways to Mask Bug Bites ...
4 Easy Ways to Mask Bug Bites ...

Do you need some easy ways to mask bug bites? Spring is finally upon us, which means that we’re all going to be getting outdoors and hiking and experiencing everything Mother Nature has to offer, but that also includes mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can be relentless in certain parts of the country, and you’re never really going to want to tempt them, but with these tips, you’ll be sure to be able to cover up any pesky bite marks with relative ease. We’re very lucky to have teamed up with a Houston dog bite attorney to come up with this list of tips in terms of covering up unwanted bite marks, so enjoy these easy ways to mask bug bites.

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Reduce the Swelling

One of the best easy ways to mask bug bites is to reduce the swelling. This is a really important and timely part of the process that requires anyone to immediately and gently wash the bug bite area with soap and water once being bitten. Then another really great tip in this part of the process is to use an ice cube to make sure the itch isn’t so unbearable and ultimately relieve any swelling that may be happening.


Alleviate the Itching

One really easy way to stop itching mosquito bites is to use a DIY paste made from baking soda, but also hydrocortisone and other over-the-counter itch creams will do the trick too. Benadryl is also an option, but it’s a little much for the most part unless you’ve been bitten all over.


Avoid Any Infections

You can put makeup on over a mosquito bite, but you are going to want to make sure you aren’t putting any makeup over a bite that was itched to the point of bleeding. If you do end up bleeding from a mosquito bite - we know it happens - then you technically do have an open wound and are more likely to get an infection. DON'T touch the bug bite unless your hands are clean, ladies!


Find the Perfect Coverage

Bug bites are pretty similar to pimples, and that means it’s perfectly fine to go over it with a cream concealer that can offset any kind of dryness effect the bug bite has created. Just make sure you use a little clear powder with these kinds of concealers over the bug bite area so the cream doesn’t run in the summer sun!

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