8 Easy Home Remedies for Sunburns ...


I love summer, but my least favorite thing about it is getting sunburn, so I found 8 super easy home remedies for sunburn that you can put together in minutes! Many of these ingredients are already in your bathroom or kitchen and so you’ll be prepared the next time you’re caught with bad sunburn or when you want to show off your DIY skills to your friends and family! Here are 8 easy home remedies for sunburns.

1. Cool down

One of the easiest home remedies for sunburn is to cool your skin. Not to conjure up images of the Mexican drinking worm tattoo from Bridesmaids, but try gently applying a bag of frozen peas or fill a bag with ice cubes to your skin or soaking a T-shirt or towel in cold water and applying it to skin can help soothe hot and irritated skin.

Bathing Beauty
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