Don't Sabotage Your Own Skin: Little Known Beauty Facts You Must Read Now ...

Even with the best of intentions you could be practicing beauty habits that can actually sabotage your skin. It’s hard to know fact from fiction when it comes to taking care of your face but these are some common sense tips to help you have your best skin. Follow these tips and you’ll avoid causing yourself many skin woes.

1. Put down That Cupcake

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This one didn’t make me happy when I read up on it. That cupcake, handful of cookies, or candy bar is an enemy of your skin. Yes, it’s true. Sugar isn’t a friend to your skin. It can cause your skin to become dull and age before it’s time. While this fact isn’t a fun one, it can be motivation to kick the sugar addiction that many of us battle.

2. It’s Possible to over-exfoliate

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Exfoliation is good for your skin, in moderation. You want to help slough off the outer layer of dead skin but if you over-exfoliate then you risk redness, irritation and stripping your skin of its natural and needed oils. Aim for exfoliating once a week at most. Think of it as a weekly treatment instead of a daily practice. Once you stop over-exfoliating you’ll probably notice a positive change in your skin.

3. Washing Your Face Twice a Day May Be Unnecessary

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Some people need to wash their face twice a day but some don’t. How do you know which side you fall on? If your skin leans more toward dryness then washing at bedtime only is probably enough. If your skin leans more toward being oily then you may need to wash your face twice a day. Experiment and see if this works for you.

4. Acne Medication Should Be Applied Sparingly

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A very common mistake people make with their skincare is applying acne cream too liberally. Acne cream is potent stuff and you only need it where you truly have a blemish. Applying it too liberally can result in dryness and irritation in your skin. Make sure you contain your application only to the blemish and not the surrounding areas. A tip to help you accomplish this is to dot it on rather than rub it in.

5. Your Eye Cream Can Be Your Enemy

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This one was a jaw-dropping surprise for me when I found out about it. Eye cream can actually cause you to have clogged pores because of the heaviness of the moisturizing component in it. Have you ever noticed little white bumps on your upper cheeks? They’re called millia and are the result of clogged pores. The solution to this is to use a lighter formula of eye cream and apply only a very small amount of it.

6. Water is Your Best Friend

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Mom was right about this one. Water is your best friend, in more ways than one. Hydrated skin always looks healthier than dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin is flaky and dull which is something no one wants. So drink up, buttercup.

7. Yearly Skincare Checks save Lives

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Here’s the deal, girlies. Skin cancer can strike you even at a young age. It’s really important to be on alert for any suspicious moles or spots in your skin. Bring anything you notice to the attention of your doctor and always have a yearly skincare check by your family doctor or dermatologist. It could save your life.

These are 7 important beauty facts to follow. What can you add to this list? I look forward to reading your tips.

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